An SAP Analytics Case Study: DIFOT (Delivered in Full on Time)

[A case study with an APS Partner: Blueprint Intelligence] INDUSTRY: Logistics, Heavy Industry, Mining PROBLEM: DIFOT reporting processes were manual; inefficient and inaccurate. SYSTEMS: SAP PM, SAP SD, DB2 Mainframe, Rail management system and in-house service planning tool.  SOLUTION: Blueprint Intelligence Custom Dashboard, ETL, Datawarehouse RESULTS: Improved visibility into DIFOT – down to the customer […]

Gaining Control with: Exception-Based Reporting

As an organisation matures, greater control over a growing number of metrics becomes critical to your success. And while modern reporting capabilities offer us so many different ways to”slice-‘n’-dice” your data – all of those reports can become an unnecessary distraction from what matters. To be effective, it is important that every organisational department or […]