Ports Asset Management

Ports often have expansive and ageing infrastructure and 24-hour operations. Our ports asset management project experience helps sites to balance maintenance and operational requirements.

It is critical that a port’s asset management is treated as a core business function. And a strategic, pragmatic approach is required. This will reduce exposure to risk of unplanned downtime. And it will also help to manage costs.

Asset Performance Solutions can build a strategic asset management capability that is critical to supporting the port’s role in the global supply chain.

Strategic Asset Management

APS has developed systematic asset management plans and asset integrity measures. This work quickly delivers results that include reductions in unplanned downtime and any exposure to operational deficiencies. 

By aligning asset management with corporate strategies – including customer fulfilment targets – APS can help your port to fulfil service obligations and maintenance duties. 

Meanwhile, we will remove silos and replace a project-focus with asset lifecycle focus. This will help your port to understand, reliably forecast and manage maintenance costs and requirements. 

Audit Services

With an objective understanding of best practices, we can identify the root cause of symptoms, or painful areas of the business. This is the first step in achieving asset management and business performance improvements.

Our quick but comprehensive asset management audit encompasses systems, process and skillsets. We’ll provide a documented analysis of the operation. This includes any detected hazards, and their influence on maintenance requirements now and in the future. 

Zero Based Budgeting & Cost Control

APS can set up a zero based budgeting program.

This is the most effective way to help the asset management organisation to understand, predict and managed asset lifecycle costs and meanwhile, maintain asset integrity.