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Thousands of unrelated and unpredictable events affect your maintenance costs and budget. And of course the number of breakdowns or maintenance activities last year will not help you to predict costs for the next budgeting cycle.

So trash your traditional budgeting structures. Replace them with zero-based budgeting (ZBB) and cost control services from APS to satisfy strategy and save money.

ZBB is proven to:

  • Remove planning from financial line items. Instead, apply it to activities required to satisfy strategy.
  • Provide visibility into the root-cause, and the impact of expenditures. Understand the cost of replacement versus corrective versus preventative work.
  • Allow the allocation of funding to activities that are aligned with strategy. As a result you also stop spending money on things that aren’t relevant to performance targets.
  • Gain new levels of dynamism with agile budgeting cycles. Working with APS will drive cost savings and budgeting practices that align with the complexities of maintenance management.


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Remove planning from financial line items and instead, apply it to activities required to satisfy strategy.

We can also remove unnecessary activities to reduce costs and improve productivity. More…

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Set up

APS will generate your zero-based budgeting template. 

Activities include: identifying all assets, grouping them into logical units and identifying different types of maintenance services.



Where available, historical data from the CMMS can be applied to inform planning. A review of historical activities with APS may provide insights on how costs can be controlled with modifications in maintenance practices. Alternatively, we’ll suggest the elimination of activities that don’t contribute to strategy.



APS can assist with benchmarking that will illustrate the causal relationship between activities and costs. You’ll be able to put a dollar value on investments in preventative maintenance and your ZBB initiative.










We can save costs by removing inefficient processes. And we'll allocate resources to the activities that drive business value.

ISO 55000 Certification

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