Process Improvement



Gap Analysis


Our hands-on strategic, operational, and technical asset management experience has been built into our range of Process Improvement Services.

Rich with 40+ years industry experience, APS optimisation projects apply proven methodologies but they’re tailored to your objectives to deliver true business value.

If symptoms of poor business health, such as low schedule compliance or asset reliability exist, APS can diagnose, troubleshoot and embed healthy governance to deliver tangible results.


APS will customise the strategies that we know work to improve performance at multiple levels of your operation. More…

Ask about our library of asset management strategies for your draglines, fixed plants, infrastructure, mobile equipment + more…

We’ll help you to measure the key performance indicators that drive the right behaviours and align business goals and asset strategy.

We can also help you to improve master data quality which is critical to the performance of systems, processes and reports. More…

Our tech team can implement modifications or new applications that will align your software with processes or strategy. More…

Our simple, yet extensive gap analysis and optimisation services will quickly drill down to the source of painful areas in your business. More…

We have high-calibre, job-ready candidates available to fulfil short and long-term contracts. More…

Remove planning from financial line items and instead, apply it to activities required to satisfy strategy.

We can also remove unnecessary activities to reduce costs and improve productivity. More…

The world-class asset management practices set out in ISO55000 will help the organisation focus its effort and achieve consistent results, improved reliability and safer operations. More…


Review Processes

Our experience means we know what to look for, and the root-cause of symptoms.

A quick, yet comprehensive asset management health check from APS will help to identify gaps in systems, and/or processes, or productivity roadblocks such as data quality issues that compromise your performance.

Optimise Processes

APS will provide a custom framework of business rules and aligned software systems that will solve performance issues, boost asset management standards and have you hitting targets.

We optimise processes, systems and metrics to achieve your tactical, operational and strategic business objectives.

Manage Change

Establishing a culture of high-quality standards benefits general performance – but it’s not always easy to achieve.

APS can have your team on-boarded with business processes, systems and coach them to improve skill level and performance, cohesion, and job satisfaction.








Software Services

Our experience includes implementation, re-alignment and customisation of all major CMMS.

Business Process Packs

We have pre-defined business processes which are proven to be effective.

ISO 55000 Certification

Achieve world-class standards with our team support.