Customer commitments, complex maintenance requirements and inventory management all come into play for asset managers in manufacturing. 

APS have worked a range of different plants to drive business improvement in these areas. This includes food & beverage, pulp & paper, and metal manufacturers.

Manufacturing Mobile EAM

The mobilisation of maintenance via Mobile EAM tech drives massive gains in productivity and performance in the asset management team.

By providing equipment specific checklists, maintenance history, and means to log, execute or search work orders at the site of the asset, you:

  • Improve response times on AM tasks.
  • Drive team productivity.
  • Improve asset health.
  • Reduce administration & errors.
  • Enhance returns on investment in your CMMS.
We can assist with your manufacturing plant’s Mobile EAM implementation, from project scope to post go-live support.

Preventative Maintenance Strategies

APS will develop a custom roadmap to successfully mature your plant’s maintenance activity. Our projects have systematically achieved greater asset stability, improved throughput and reduced maintenance costs for manufacturers across the country. 

By tailoring all aspects of the AM program: mapping your improvement, embedding systems with new processes and empowering your team, APS will help you to implement change to achieve a sustained improvement. 

Manufacturing asset management services include:

  • Asset management audit.
  • Asset criticality weighting.
  • Equipment strategies.
  • Planning & scheduling enhancements.
  • CMMS customisations.
  • Training & coaching.

Tracking & Managing KPI's

If properly implemented, reporting and analytics will help to improve performance across your people, processes and production. 

APS can assist with the development of asset management analytics that includes: 

  • Condition-based monitoring & maintenance. 
  • Exception-based reports to ensure minimum quality standards.
  • Live KPI dashboards to monitor performance and motivate crews.
  • Maintenance scheduling decision support. 
  • Customisation and automation of regular reports.