JDE Software Projects

JDE Software Projects For Asset Management

APS has extensive JDEdwards (JDE) software project experience.

We’ve helped asset management operations to optimise JDE to deliver more value to the business and grow with changing business needs. 

We do this by combining our asset management consulting experience and  deep knowledge of JDE to rapidly drill down to the areas that need to be addressed to see improved results. 

APS optimises data, processes and systems to transform your JDE system into a first-class business engine. 

Our services will maintain, enhance and develop your core enterprise system to support asset management needs now, and continuous improvement in the future.

Maintaining JDE for Asset Management:

Services include systems training and documentation, upgrades and updates necessary to maintain system stability and performance. 

Enhancing JDE for Asset Management:

APS perform custom dev work that can address the gaps in systems that affect your process. 

We perform configuration to streamline processes via automation, digitalisation or reduced clicks. 

Meanwhile, our master data cleansing services will address ongoing issues like stockouts and integration issues. 

The APS Promise to JDE Sites

Our focus throughout any JDE project is your objectives. 

This drives our design, implementation and change management phases to get JDE to do the heavy lifting for you.

Click here to find out more about the JDE Community of Practice for Asset Management.

JDE project experience includes work with major ports, food & beverage manufacturers and miners.

Our JDE Services Experience includes: 

  • Customisations to streamline processes
  • Asset management analytics implementations
  • Master Data cleansing to improve performance
  • Training teams, improving user competence
  • Maintenance, upgrades and documentation
  • Process optimisation and systems configuration


We're driving improvement for industry-leaders.


JDE User Community of Practice

Find out more about our exclusive workshops, networking and ideas-sharing sessions for asset managers using JDE.

Process Improvement

We can align processes with your business strategies, equipment strategies or with world-class maintenance standards.


We can provide training, coaching and resourcing where required to achieve business improvement.