Mining Asset Management

Healthy mining asset management systems and processes deliver major bottom line benefits in your sector.

This includes reductions in breakdowns, and unplanned maintenance. This contributes to improved throughput, site safety, and cost efficiencies.

APS has mining asset management project experience with industry leaders and sites using SAP, JDE, Oracle, alike.

Planning & Scheduling

A major function of asset management is maintenance.

Healthy maintenance planning & scheduling processes and systems will therefore, help the mining site to address multiple performance objectives. 

This includes a reduction in the maintenance backlog and improved asset stability. 

Consequently, you’ll also achieve better returns on investment in assets and maintenance throughout the asset lifecycle. 

Projects Include:

  • Planning & Scheduling Strategies.
  • Embedding Planning & Scheduling Processes into Systems.
  • Training & Coaching. 

Reporting, Data & Analytics

We can help you to capture the data that will inform priorities and drive the right behaviours. 

Analytics are critical for management when seeking consistent and high-quality standards.

Projects Include:

  • Master Data Cleansing.
  • Customised Reports.
  • Cloud-based, custom analytics.

Operational Readiness

If you have new equipment, teams or requirements, APS Operational Readiness services will have you running at an optimum from Day One. 

Project Services Include:

  • Operational Readiness Assessment. We identify and address any gaps in people, processes or system requirements.  
  • Pre-Operation Support. This includes project management, consulting, training and equipment strategies.
  • Structured Planner & Supervisor Competency Development.
  • Optimised supply chain management policies and procedures.
  • Labour hire services.