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SAP is one of the most comprehensive ERP’s available. But is your system set up to adequately support asset management needs?  

APS offers a broad range of technical services that will optimise SAP for asset management and to your site objectives. 

Make positive returns on your SAP software investment. 

Our technical services, training and consulting is proven to address common teething issues for new SAP sites. 

Meanwhile, if you’re suffering long-held data quality issues, we can cleanse master data and refine your asset hierarchy.  

We can re-align SAP with your business, so that this critical foundation  is set up so that all connected systems, data and processes are working to your objectives.  

APS also offers SAP asset management competency development and training programs, documentation and coaching for all maintenance roles. 

Whether you’re freshly implemented, or want to achieve the next phase of maturity and return on investment in SAP, APS have tactics that have helped us achieve results for happy SAP users across Australia

SAP Software Services:

Our SAP-related services include:

  • Master data cleansing.
  • Gap analysis and transition planning.
  • SAP configuration & customisation.
  • Business process implementation.
  • Structured planner & supervisor competency development.
  • Training: guides, change management.
  • Post implementation service packages that address common teething issues such as systems-process misalignment, data load accuracy or training issues.
  • Specialist & contract recruitment.

Our Clients:

Driving improvement for industry-leaders.


Business Process Packs

We have pre-defined business processes which are proven to be effective.

ISO 55000 Certification

Achieve world-class standards with our team support.