Business Process Packs

Maintenance Management

Asset Management

Your business processes can be a major contributor to organisational success.

APS has partnered with Qualiware to build Ready-to-Run Business Process Packs for Asset Management.

Configured to be rapidly deployed into your operation, these packages empower the implementation of established industry-leading standards.

With these business process packs for asset management, you’ll achieve:

  • Efficiencies
  • Compliance
  • Reduced risk
  • Site safety
  • Complete operational readiness


These Business Process Packages are built to formal Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Management (BPMN) standards. They cover core strategies, processes and aligned KPI’s.

Our packaged processes and costs make it easy to start getting runs on the board, from which you can build momentum and maturity.

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Maintenance Management

Planning & Scheduling - Maintenance Execution - Major Shutdowns - Management Review - Continuous Improvement

Asset Management

Budget & Forecast Management - RCM & Asset Strategy - Root Cause & Defect Elimination - Information & Systems Management

Build Maturity & Momentum

APS’ Business Process Packs also address ISO 55001 requirements. 

This will deliver you with massive operational improvements and a platform for growth. You will gain a visual overview of the operation and ability to:

Align The Business to Execute Strategy

- Connect related goals, roles and systems with processes. - Demonstrate to employees how processes are executed. - Identify inefficiencies, like redundant systems, processes and roles.

Manage Change and Embed Processes

APS can also assist with change management requirements. This will address the rituals and routines of your teams as new processes are brought into the business.

Monitor, Manage and Continuously Improve

Each business process package from APS has an optional KPI pack that’ll provide a line of sight for management and ready-to-run reports for teams.

Transform the Business

- Identify how changes in components may affect the business. - Build scenarios to support decision-making.

Gain Competitive Edge with New Insights

- Enjoy the power to flex to new customer demand. - Pivot the business market opportunities.


APS will customise the strategies that we know work to improve performance at multiple levels of your operation. More…

Ask about our library of asset management strategies for your draglines, fixed plants, infrastructure, mobile equipment + more…

We’ll help you to measure the key performance indicators that drive the right behaviours and align business goals and asset strategy.

We can also help you to improve master data quality which is critical to the performance of systems, processes and reports. More…

Our tech team can implement modifications or new applications that will align your software with processes or strategy. More…

Our simple, yet extensive gap analysis and optimisation services will quickly drill down to the source of painful areas in your business. More…

We have high-calibre, job-ready candidates available to fulfil short and long-term contracts. More…

Remove planning from financial line items and instead, apply it to activities required to satisfy strategy.

We can also remove unnecessary activities to reduce costs and improve productivity. More…

The world-class asset management practices set out in ISO55000 will help the organisation focus its effort and achieve consistent results, improved reliability and safer operations. More…









We customise reports, build powerful visualisations and can improve master data quality.

ISO55000 Certification

Achieve world-class standards with our team support.