4 Factors Required for Productivity Improvements in Maintenance

I read a new article by McKinsey & Company about work management productivity improvements in asset-intensive industries last month. The reason I’m writing about it now is: a key message in the research resonates with me: “when seeking to implement a work management application, there are some common, critical factors for success“. Here I’ll look […]

Achieving Planned Maintenance – Starting with the Basics

It’s fairly well documented by now that moving from Reactive to Planned (or Preventative) Maintenance practices can save an average of 30 – 50 percent on maintenance costs for those of you in asset-intensive industries. At APS, we suggest being a little more conservative and targeting a return of 20 percent. This means rather than […]

Resolving the cost and pressures of staff turnover

Reactive recruitment isn’t ideal. But it’s also an unavoidable reality. This is simply because – more often than not – an employee has resigned before you start recruiting for a replacement. During this lag, productivity is affected with one staff member down, and further time and resources taken away from the core business to fill […]