4 Dangerous Asset Management Objectives

Budgeting is upon us, so it’s a good time for setting goals and reviewing strategies. I thought I’d share what I consider dangerous asset management objectives and practical tips on how to stop them from slowing you down. Danger 1: Misaligned Asset Management Objectives I’ve been called into plenty of sites where misalignment of objectives […]

4 Factors Required for Productivity Improvements in Maintenance

I read a new article by McKinsey & Company about work management productivity improvements in asset-intensive industries last month. The reason I’m writing about it now is: a key message in the research resonates with me: “when seeking to implement a work management application, there are some common, critical factors for success“. Here I’ll look […]

An SAP Analytics Case Study: DIFOT (Delivered in Full on Time)

[A case study with an APS Partner: Blueprint Intelligence] INDUSTRY: Logistics, Heavy Industry, Mining PROBLEM: DIFOT reporting processes were manual; inefficient and inaccurate. SYSTEMS: SAP PM, SAP SD, DB2 Mainframe, Rail management system and in-house service planning tool.  SOLUTION: Blueprint Intelligence Custom Dashboard, ETL, Datawarehouse RESULTS: Improved visibility into DIFOT – down to the customer […]

Achieving Planned Maintenance – Starting with the Basics

It’s fairly well documented by now that moving from Reactive to Planned (or Preventative) Maintenance practices can save an average of 30 – 50 percent on maintenance costs for those of you in asset-intensive industries. At APS, we suggest being a little more conservative and targeting a return of 20 percent. This means rather than […]

Applying Business Architecture to your ISO 55001 Transformation

Shortcuts to Glory I realise that “ISO 55001” and “Business Architecture” can be considered heavy concepts. But I’m here to explain how it can make your life as an asset manager much easier. I’ll start with the basics, and hopefully inspire you to start looking at how Business Architecture will provide your ISO implementation some […]

Embedding ISO55001 into the Asset Management Organisation – Tips.

The process of embedding ISO 55001 into the business is a significant commitment and investment in time, resources and in change to the business. But don’t let that scare you off; we’ve already detailed the massive benefits the framework brings to business in a previous blog, so here we present a few factors critical for […]

ISO 55000 Implementation for Asset Management: Getting the baseline right

In this article, we follow on from the last blog, ‘Your ISO55000 101’ where we introduced the basics, including the proven benefits IS55000 brings upon an asset management operation. Here, we detail how you can take the first steps to embedding ISO55000 principles within your business with an audit or review process, which will get […]

Your ISO 55000 “101”: an Intro for Asset Managers

This blog is the first in a series on ISO55000, designed to help you assess if, and how, this global standard may be applied in your organisation to improve asset management outcomes.

You’ll also get hints and tips to assist with a successful implementation.

4 Failsafe Tips That Will Help you to Win Budget Approval

No matter what industry you’re in, or the size of the budget there are a few tips that will definitely improve your chances of getting funding for your asset management, equipment strategy build or technology project approved in the upcoming budget cycle.  For those of you that follow a July1-June30 Financial Year, it’s already time […]

Practical Steps to Getting your Baseline Right: the CMMS

The Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a critical baseline upon which other business systems – including your Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) system – are built. So when was the last time you stepped back to ensure these systems are set up to enable you to do what you, and other systems, have been bought to do?